Products - Wire Mesh Lockers

Wire Mesh Lockers offer visibility whilst maintaining security.

Very popular within the construction industry.

Ideal for schools for the storage of student bags, shoes and gym equipment. 

Suitable for any workplace environment where security is an issue; also used for the drying of damp/wet clothes.

Wire mesh lockers make a great choice for secure, safe storage in a variety of environments.

All our wire mesh lockers are strong, hardwearing and provide more ventilation than other enclosed storage options.

This makes them perfect for businesses and job sites where work clothing may come into contact with strong fumes and require adequate ventilation when not in use.

It is also beneficial for letting clothes or gear dry if they have become wet.

The wire mesh lockers available from the The Locker Outlet are offered in a number of configurations, but all offer complete visibility of contents without compromising security. This enables easy inventory checks without accessing the lockers.

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