Products - School Lockers

Lockers for Primary & Secondary Schools. We Have A Full Range From Midi Lockers To Standard Height Lockers. 

Our School lockers come in different sizes to suit the changing height of pupils throughout primary school, secondary school and college. 

Primary School Lockers

For the younger children in schools, especially Early Years, KS1 and KS2, we have Primary School Lockers.

These are specially designed school lockers that are not the standard locker dimensions. They are just over 1300mm in height and easier for small children to reach their compartments and use. 

High School Lockers

Our lockers for high schools are specifically selected to stand up to the wear and tear you would expect in a school environment.

This is still easily accessed by any younger students but offers far more storage space.

All our lockers for high schools are also ideal for other areas of education including colleges and universities.

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