Products - Sports, Gym & Changing Room Lockers

Our gym and changing room lockers come in a variety of styles, colours and sizes to create a safe, modern and stylish environment.

We offer a range of attractive and robust lockers, suited to sports and leisure facilities and designed to cope with high levels of use.

These include lockers suitable for wet and humid environments such as swimming pools, gyms and spas.

This provides the ideal storage solution for swimming pool changing areas, sports centres, gyms, spa changing areas and health & fitness changing rooms.

 We can supply fully waterproof plastic lockers and vandalism resistant options, such as aluminium lockers with solid grade doors.

A full range of locks are available including standard key locks, hasp and staple fittings for padlocks, combination locks, and coin/token locks. 

Whether you are looking for Swimming Pool Lockers, Changing Room Lockers, or Gym Lockers we are here to help!



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