Products - Supershelf Shelving Bays

The Supershelf shelving system also features bolt free assembly, which helps ensure a quick and hassle free installation, letting you get back to what matters most to your business or institution. What’s more, a Supershelf system can change and grow with your organisation, affording you the adaptability you need to remain competitive; shelves and modules can all be adjusted to accommodate seasonal or general stock changes, and a choice of starter or add-on bays allows your storage facilities to be simply and economically extended.

In retail stockrooms, modularity can provide a comprehensive storage solution for garments, shoeboxes, small components and more, but the flexibility provided by easily constructed and adjusted bays, shelves and modules makes Supershelf shelving the perfect storage solution in a range of commercial settings.

On top of this, steel shelving is simple to maintain and keep clean and does not collect dust like chipboard. Thinner steel panels can also be manoeuvred more easily than chipboard while cleaning or adjusting your shelving configuration.

Supershelf shelving bays are available online in two heights 2000mm and 2500mm, 5 depths and 4 shelf widths: shortspan - 900mm & 1200mm and longspan 1500mm & 1800mm.

 Key features:

  • Easily adjustable shelves on 33mm pitch.
  • Bolt free assembly - just slots together.
  • Smooth zinc finish is attractive and easy to clean.
  • Starter and add-on bays available with between 4 and 8 shelf levels.
  • Weight limit per shelf level is between 150kg and 500kg depending on configuration.
  • Available in heights up to 5 metres.


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