Products - COSHH Cabinets

These general purpose COSHH compliant cabinets are designed to isolate hazardous items and substances and to clearly identify their location in the workplace in the event of fire or emergency. 

COSHH stands for control of substances hazardous to health. It is a health and safety initiative designed to limit the risk posed by hazardous chemicals.

COSHH guidelines, which are published by the government’s Health and Safety Executive, apply to substances that have been identified as corrosive, poisonous, irritant, harmful or toxic. These guidelines recommend using a COSHH cabinet to store hazardous substances, particularly in places such as schools or facilities for mentally disabled adults, where allowing access to such products poses an extra risk to health.

What is a COSHH Cabinet?

A COSHH Cabinet is designed for the safe storage of hazardous substances. It is a lockable reinforced cabinet that prevents unauthorised persons from accessing the dangerous chemicals stored within. COSHH cabinets are designed to be leak-proof to prevent spilled substances from leaking out of the cabinet or contamination of the products within.



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